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The Environment

OSG has been developing high quality and performance cutting tools to support the customers’ machining operations. We propose the most efficient way of using our products to reduce the machining cost. Cost reduction at the machining operations leads to the environmental protection, because it reduces energy use.

OSG has been focusing on the research and development on eco-friendly products and machining operations. We propose dry machining, which means using no cutting oil while machining, and regrinding of tools to protect the environment.


Material Balance

(Input and Output Balance)

OSG’s main offices and factories have proactively implemented continuous environmental improvement such as reducing waste and recycling materials in the business activities. Based on the environmental data collected from all the facilities, we set numerical targets for waste recycling, CO2 emissions, water, etc, and make comprehensive efforts to achive them every day. We are keeping the Recycling Rate over 99% since 2008.

*Please refer to the details of our input and output balance here.

Material Balance 2010 Material Balance 2011

Carbide Material Recycle

The materials of carbide tools include such rare metals as tungsten and cobalt. We can utilize the precious resources of the earth by collecting the end-of life carbide tools and recycling the rare materials.

OSG group is promoting recycling end-of life carbide tools and sluge.



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